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[Update March 3, 2017]: One year after the initial announcement was made at the 2016 Google I/O developers conference that Waze was coming to Android Auto, the first round of beta testing has finally been announced.

Users that had signed up to be beta testers for Waze are now being sent invites to participate in the first ever beta test for Waze and Android Auto capable car stereos.


No dates on when the beta will actually be released but this one big step closer to finally being able to use Waze with Android Auto.


“We are exciting to update that the beta testing for Waze Android Auto will be started soon (no date yet)! As part of the preparation, we wanted to check the beta community’s interest in taking part of the testing project.

We’re still in the early phases and will continue to update you when we have more details; However, if you’re interested in testing it in the future, please fill in this form.

**Note: You should only complete this form if you have/are planning to buy an Android Auto (AA) device.

Regards, Waze Beta Team”


If you’d like to get an early taste of Waze for Android Auto you can try to apply for the Waze Beta Community here.





August 15, 2016


Other then a surprise announcement that Pokémon Go is going to be available for Android Auto, Waze is probably the most anticipated Android Auto app integration of the year. Confirmed at the Google I/O developer conference in May, it was announced that Waze would be coming to a car near you in the next few months.


If you’re anything like us you hate the waiting game but based on the latest reportsGoogle might be releasing Android Nougat in August (yeah that didn’t happen). With this OS update it would make sense that Waze compatibility with Android Auto be released at the same time.

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