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It was only a matter of time but Google Assistant is making its way into Waze. Initially it will only be available to US Android users in English, with an additionally caveat that some Waze-specific voice commands may not work with Android Auto.

While Google Assistant will be able to control many of the same features like in Google Maps (setting destinations, music, phone calls etc.) some of the Waze-specific commands are cornerstone features of the app such as the following:
“Hey Google, report traffic.”

“Hey Google, report police.”

“Hey Google, report a crash.”

“Hey Google, show me alternate routes that take me through the sketchiest side streets.” (Ok, we added that last part)

“Hey Google, allow/avoid tolls/highways.”

While it was inevitable that Google is going to integrate as many features into Waze that they can, it would be nice for them to make everything work with Android Auto as well.

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