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Remember back when you needed a physical key to unlock your doors and start your car? 

Keyless entry debuted in 1980 on select Ford vehicles. In the mid-1990s Siemens developed SmartKeys for Mercedes-Benz that used a rolling code that the starter computer would verify, allowing users to start the car without using a traditional key.

Now step into 2020 and Apple will soon launch its CarKey feature. Using the Wallet app (that thing you can use to store tickets as well as Apple Pay) you’ll be able to add digital keys to your car as well. If you have a compatible vehicle, all you do is place your iPhone one the vehicle’s NFC reader and enter the pairing code from the dealership or vehicles brand app to set everything up.

Once completed when your near your car you just unlock your phone using Face ID and you can unlock your car and start it. As an added feature you can also share your CarKey using the Messages app. No word on when this will be officially released, it currently is in testing on iOS 13.4 beta.

[Source: 9to5 Mac]

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