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With the long anticipated release of iOS12, Apple has finally allowed 3rd party navigation apps to work with CarPlay. With Google Maps being the #1 navigation app in the Apple App Store you can imagine the number of people waiting for this release. To get started just follow these easy steps:

1. Update to Google Maps 5.0

Just go to the App Store and update or install the latest version.


2. Connect to CarPlay

After updating the Google Maps app it will automatically show up on the last page of the CarPlay home screen. Bonus: To move the icon to the first page all you have to do on your phone go to General > CarPlay > Select your device > swipe right, hold down the Google Maps icon and drag it to the previous page.


3. Open Google Maps and get to navigating

Once you use Google Maps it will now be placed on the left side of the CarPlay home screen.

Rearrange CarPlay Home Screen for Google Maps


But wait, Siri doesn’t work?!

By default Google Maps does not have Siri integration, to set your destination you can use the touchscreen to enter in your destination or pick from your favorite destinations. Google Maps does have it’s own voice control but that requires on screen button press.

Don’t worry though, resourceful reditor /u/aem003 figured out a helpful workaround with the new Shorutcuts feature in iOS 12. They were able to create a shortcut that opened up a specific Google Maps URL that when given the voice command to Siri it would automatically open the Google Maps app and start navigation. For more details click here.

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