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Coming in October, Pioneer is launching two new speaker lines that barrow from the design and technology from their TAD high-end home audio speakers (for reference their top of the line speakers go for $78,000). Utilizing decades worth of TAD’s research and design they were able to take audiophile level home speaker technology and adapt it to fit within the audio environment of a car.

Read our reviews to see which speaker is the best setup for your car.


Z Speaker Series Review

D Speaker Series Review

Z Speakers – No Compromises

TS-Z65CH 6.5” 2-Way Component System MSRP: $400.00

TS-Z65C 6.5” 2-Way Component System MSRP: $350.00

TS-Z65F 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial System MSRP: $300.00


Z Subwoofers – The Pursuit of Perfect Bass

TS-Z10LS4 10″ Single 4 ohm voice coil MSRP: $350.00

TS-Z10LS2 10″ Single 2 ohm voice coil MSRP: $350.00


D Speakers – Music for All

TS-D69C 6 x 9″ 2-Way Component System MRSP: $250.00

TS-D65C 6.5″ 2-Way Component System MSRP: $240.00

TS-D69F 6 x 9″ 2-Way Coaxial System MSRP: $230.00

TS-D65F 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial System MSRP: $200.00

TS-D68F 6 x 8″ 2-Way Coaxial System MSRP: $210.00


D Subwoofers – Foreceful, Deep, Defined

TS-D12D4 12″ Dual 4 ohm voice coil MSRP: $260.00

TS-D12D2 12″ Dual 2 ohm voice coil MSRP: $260.00

TS-D10D4 10″ Dual 4 ohm voice coil MSRP: $240.00

TS-D10D2 10″ Dual 2 ohm voice coil MSRP: $240.00

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