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Move over Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant; Mercedes-Benz has their own virtual assistant that’s about to hit the road.

Embracing the connected lifestyle, Mercedes-Benz has been one of the more progressive auto manufacturers when it comes to adopting technology. Adding Android AutoApple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations into their lineup, they allowed for third parties to have access to their precious dashboard space. While these integrations will remain available, Mercedes has developed their own infotainment and smart assistant called MBUX.

Hey Mercedes

Replacing the traditional gauge cluster setup the MBUX system resides across the dash and features two large touchscreens to display vehicle information, climate control and infotainment options. Powered by a Nvidia GPU the MBUX display has as close to a iPhone responsive display that any OEM has been able to produce. Taking it a step further, the MBUX systems utilizes AI learning to recognize preferences and usage patterns for up to eight users.


To help you keep your eyes on the road you can control everything by simply saying, “Hey Mercedes.” The MBUX voice control system uses embedded software that doesn’t need a constant data connection like the other cloud based virtual assistants from Amazon, Apple and Google that rely on a cellular connection for most functions. While if you are streaming music or using Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps you will need a data connection but with MBUX you will still be able to control cabin lighting, climate control and music (using an attached USB drive).


Look for the MBUX system to arrive first in the new A-Class lineup coming later this year.


[Source: Reuters]

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