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From a flat tire to a dead battery, having car troubles is as great way to deflate your day.  The car gods don’t discriminate either; sometimes no matter your level of mechanical expertise you’ll end up needing some assistance (aka I forgot to put the tire iron back in the trunk and now can’t take my wheel off).


In a partnership between Allstate and Waze you can now have piece of mind that you have access to 24/7 roadside assistance.  In making it as hassle free as possible, you don’t have to have Allstate insurance and no monthly membership is required. In the event that you need help within the Waze app you can request the pay per use Allstate Good Hands Rescue roadside assistance.


Pricing starts off at $69 for non-tow services and $99 for towing. In 2017, Waze received 5.3 million reports monthly of cars stopped on the road in the United States. If you happen to be one of those, things got a little easier to getting back on the road.


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